Four Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fear Surgery

Ingrown ToenailCome armed with knowledge and you’ll be sure to experience a stress-free foot surgery.

If you’ve exhausted all of your treatment options and you still haven’t found relief from either your foot or ankle symptoms, then your Tampa podiatrist may recommend surgery. While the idea of surgery is enough to make anyone nervous, your Tampa podiatrist is here to give you the scoop on your upcoming surgery and why you shouldn’t be anxious.

Surgery will alleviate your symptoms

Whether you’ve been suffering from chronic pain in your foot or ankle due to bunions or plantar fasciitis, then you are all too familiar with how debilitating this can be. It might even be hard to remember what it was like to live pain-free; however, with surgery you will finally be able to know what that feels like. Surgery is the last resource we turn to for eliminating pain when medication and therapies haven’t helped. If you’re tired of even daily activities being a challenge, then surgery can help.

Anesthesia will eliminate pain during surgery

Some patients are concerned that they will feel pain or discomfort during surgery. Depending on the type of surgery you are having, all foot and ankle surgeries require anesthesia. While more minor surgeries like a bunionectomy (to remove a bunion) only require a local anesthesia, patients can still opt for general anesthesia if it makes them more comfortable. Whatever anesthesia route you choose we will be monitoring your vitals throughout your procedure to make sure you experience a complication-free treatment.

Surgery won’t keep athletes down

If you are a runner or an athlete you have probably been worrying about how surgery and the recovery time will affect your activities; however, consider this: how often can you truly run or play sports without being in pain or experiencing problems at this moment? Have you already had to bench yourself because of your problems? If so, then surgery will only make it better. Sure, you will most likely need a month or so to properly heal, but many athletes get right back in the game after recovery.

Surgery can offer a cure

Depending on the type of condition you are suffering from, surgery could potentially offer a cure from your ailment. More conservative treatments like painkillers only treat the symptoms, but they don’t actually fix the condition itself. With surgery you not only say goodbye to your chronic symptoms but also the problem as well.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming foot or ankle surgery in Tampa, don’t hesitate to give us a call. After all, your health is our number one priority!