Custom Made Orthotics Prevent Heel Pain in Tampa Patients

Orthotics(1)Individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet such as athletes, runners, and people with various types of injuries and health conditions can all benefit from custom made orthotics. We see a lot of athletes in our Tampa office with heel pain that the functional orthotics improve their performance and reduce their pain.  Additionally, many people with jobs that require extended periods of walking or standing may also benefit from supportive orthotics.

As experienced podiatrists in Tampa, our orthotics are crafted to accurately fit the unique mold of a patient’s foot.  This helps promote proper alignment, restore balance and gently reposition the structure of the foot to improve function and reduce injury.  Because poor foot biomechanics are often the source for other pain in the body, orthotics may even help alleviate pain in the knees, hip and lower back.

Custom Fabrication for Maximized Foot Performance

Each custom orthotic is designed differently depending on your foot shape, size, body weight, and activity level. Orthotics deliver biomechanical support to:

  • Improve foot functionality
  • Reduce the risk of foot injury
  • Absorb and distribute shock
  • Provide relief from pain and daily stress
  • Benefit total body alignment and posture

To determine if orthotics are right for you, visit our podiatrists in Tampa for a thorough evaluation. A podiatrist with extensive knowledge in lower extremity biomechanics will consider your foot type, analyze your gait and evaluate other factors to determine the exact cause of your pain. Based on a patient’s specific problem or needs, tour Tampa podiatrists can recommend whether orthotics would help reduce the pain and foot deformity, or if a different treatment would produce better results.

Never discount your foot pain. It isn’t normal, and it shouldn’t be ignored. Poor foot function and biomechanics may be affecting other parts of your body, including the lower back. Fortunately with orthotics designed for your specific foot issues, you can increase stability, prevent additional pain and ultimately improve your quality of life. Say no to heel pain in Tampa and visit our office today for more information on orthotics to support your feet.