Take a Look At Heel Pain With Tampa Podiatrist, Dr. Brandi Johnson

Heel Pain is a common foot problem that affects millions of Americans every day. Years of wear and tear, an abnormal gait, excess weight, poor-fitting shoes or a foot injury can cause stress on your foot, which can then lead to inflammation, redness and swelling.

The most frequent cause of heel pain is inflammation of the plantar fasciitis, a thick, dense band of tissue along the bottom of your foot that connects your heel bone to your toes. When the stress is too much, this tissue can stretch and tear, causing inflammation, irritation and pain under the heel.

Do I have Plantar Fasciitis?

Flat feet, high arches, poor fitting footwear, weight gain and running can all contribute the plantar fasciitis, and this condition is especially common among athletes who run and jump frequently. Symptoms of plantar fasciitis include a shooting pain in the heel, with pain being worse in the morning or after long periods of resting. Pain generally decreases during the course of the day as the foot becomes more limber, but returns once activities are completed.

Conservative Treatment for Heel Pain in Tampa at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists

You can reduce the strain and stress on the plantar fascia with these simple tips:

  • Stretch – Stretching exercises can help ease pain and assist with recovery
  • Ice – Icing your heel each day helps reduce inflammation
  • Rest – Take a break from physical activities to give your heel a rest
  • Shoe modifications – Wear supportive shoes that have good arch support
  • Anti-Inflammatory – As recommended by Dr. Brandi Johnson, your podiatrist in Tampa, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen, may be recommended to reduce pain and inflammation

If the heel pain persists, visit Dr. Brandi Johnson, our foot doctor in Tampa, for a more advanced treatment plan, such as:

  • Padding – Shoe pads can soften the impact of walking
  • Orthotics – Custom orthotic devices can help correct the underlying structural abnormalities causing your heel pain
  • Splint – Wearing a night splint allows you to maintain an extended stretch of the plantar fascia while your sleep, which may help reduce commonly experienced morning pain

With a proper consultation with Tampa foot doctor, Dr. Brandi Johnson at Advanced Foot & Ankle Specialists, you can find relief from your pain.  Heel pain can be debilitating, but with proper treatment in Tampa, heel pain can be relieved so that you can complete your daily activities without complications.